Sunday, February 3, 2013

Accomplishments, Goals, & WWYD White Stuff

A couple of weeks back, I dropped in to see Jack & Greg. They're my unofficial picker guys. I was sad to find Jack had been hospitalized. I managed to spend five bucks, and this was one of my purchases. I asked Greg how much it was. Nothing is priced there. Any prices are from leftover garage sales items they pick up and haul away. It's pretty safe to assume that is not the correct price. Most things are not priced. I always ask. Usually they give me a "one price for all" number. Plus tax, of course.

I think this is a squirrel feeder or bird feeder. It's made to sit somewhere, not hang from a tree. The finial on top is a lid of sorts, so bird seed can be replenished. 

Even though it looks a hundred years old, and is weathered gray, it's not old. One way I can tell because it is constructed with staples. 

Greg wanted to give it to me. (The mysterious fuzzy spot was an embarrassment to him. He keeps things clean.) 

I just couldn't take it without paying something. Usually I love it when Greg can't see the value in the rusty, chippy, weathered things I buy from them. But I flatly refused to take him up on his offer. It's their livelihood. Not that an extra buck from me is going to affect much of anything, but it's more the principle of the thing.

Even as I was loading it in my car, I was questioning myself. I don't know why I wanted this thing, but I did. I was surprised it was not more than a buck.

I suspect if I try to take it apart to get the seed holder out, It might be irreparable.
But that plastic thing is kinda nasty, and I want it gone. Maybe I'll try to pry the bottom off. It seems simpler than messing with the roof.

Another curious find was this magnifying dome:

It's in much better shape than the one I already have. I found it in my storage shed. I didn't know what it was, but I kept it - even though it was scratched up.

Hmmm. Might this be the beginning of a collection?

I also found these bottles. They had pink stickers with .10 printed on them. Old garage sale prices, no doubt. They are matching glass bottles, and I think they might be useful for something.

This milk glass candlestick caught my eye as well. I've never seen one before. It was grimy, but nothing a run through the dishwasher can't fix.

As usual, sometimes I get home and ask myself why I thought I needed something I bought. Not that anything I buy is expensive, but why? What would you do with any of these random things?

Update: I saw Greg as I was passing by on Thursday. He told me Jack was back at work, and waiting to have a pacemaker installed. It was good to know he's going to be better.

Last Week's Goals:
1. Finish & file income taxes. Done on Thursday!
2. Continue to improve eating - goal: Paleo-type diet. Not bad. Beginning HCG Diet on Monday. Paleo will be simple after this. (I have done this one before with success.)
3. Finish paperwork for hospice volunteering. In the works, still.
4. List 10 new Etsy items. Listed 12 :)
5. 3 posts - subject matter to be determined. Posted 5 times. :)
6. FINISH packing away Christmas decor in garage. Still working, slowly.
7. Saturday - Begin painting guest room. Nope. And it won't happen for another two weeks...

This Week's Goal's:
1. Be a diligent dieter with zero cheating.
2. Get new driver's license to replace my misplaced one, then turn in hospice volunteer paperwork. Visit Violet.
3. 10 new Etsy listings.
4. 3 new blog posts.
5. Make 6 pairs of earrings for Etsy.
6. Catch up on laundry and housework.
7. Set my new toilet in the front bathroom.

Word for the Day:
Song of Solomon 1:5-6 (from The Message)
I am weathered but still elegant, oh, dear sisters in Jerusalem, Weather-darkened like Kedar desert tents, time-softened like Solomon’s Temple hangings. Don’t look down on me because I’m dark, darkened by the sun’s harsh rays. My brothers ridiculed me and sent me to work in the fields. They made me care for the face of the earth, but I had no time to care for my own face.

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Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, Revi! I do the same thing! I buy this stuff that I have no idea of what I'm going to do with, then wonder if I should have left it behind. But the saying by the Kovels is true, "You never regret what you don't buy, just the things you don't".
Have faith, I just know like all your other purchases, you're going to make it fabulous!
Have a blessed week.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Well goodness, your sure have been making things happen left and right! Good for you getting those taxes done and doing all those posts and etsy listings. Bravo. Was glad to get the full view of the bird feeder.

Now I'm most impressed that you are setting a toilet yourself. Girl, you are talented! I have helped do it a couple times and find it is not my calling. However, quite a practical and much appreciated skill. Carry on!

Redeemed Junk and Stuff said...

I really appreciate you sharing your adventures and your finds. You always find the coolest "junk". I have been a junker for--100 years. Many years our of necessity, now out of fun. I too am single and work full-time. I don't know how you get some much done. I am still trying to find my "zone" after working part time and being a stay at home mom.
Thanks again,