Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Tale of Two Lamps...and a sweet surprise!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

She had been loved early in life, but too soon, she ended up somewhere she never thought she'd be - cast off by polite society and sold for a few coins. 

She had lied to herself,telling herself she was content pretending to be something she was not. 

Life had been different for the other lamp. In the beginning, it was good. She lived in a nice home. Later, she was sent to live among young followers of The Way. But even there, in this life, change is inevitable. She tried to hang on to the old ways, but it didn't work. Before long, she was unwanted and destined for the curb.

She tried in vain to reinvent herself. First, she tried a cheerful color. She looked ok on the outside, but deep inside, she was not happy. 

The colorful life she thought she wanted seemed dreary after only a short while. It had not been a good fit. She knew there was an answer out there somewhere. She had seen others who seemed to have it all. She kept looking.

One day after much searching, both lamps ended up at the same place. It was a divine appointment that had only seemed like chance.

They lived together separately, neither experiencing much change for a while. Then suddenly, it happened.

First, one felt the call to a new life. It surprised her how much she wanted it. She never thought she'd like this kind of life - she'd always imagined it would be very boring. She was wrong. 

The new life was a process - complete change did not happen all at once. She knew she was on the right path, but there was still work to be done.

In the beginning, she tried on a variety of hats. Some reminded her too much of her old life. Others seemed like a good fit, if a bit too dramatic. Still, she had a plan she thought might work...

After seeing the positive change in her new friend, the other lamp soon felt the call to let herself be remade from top to bottom as well. 

Though each had taken very different paths, they had both been brought to the same place. It was a place full of joy and contentment. It was a happy place.

After a bit of tweaking*, both found their new lives more fulfilling than they had ever imagined!

Neither had guessed their lives could change so dramatically! They agreed it was a sweet surprise that two lamps with nothing in common now lived happily together. They were both excited about the changes going on all around them - and the parts they would play in their new environment.

* A sweet surprise - I found the blue floral lamp shade at Walmart for under $7. It was the perfect size for my lamp, but the color was wrong - way too bold. I decided to spray paint it with gray Rustoleum primer. I planned to cover it in burlap. As I sprayed it, it began to look like damask! I decided it looked good enough without doing another thing to it! One coat of spray paint on a LAMP SHADE! I like it - what do you think?

The pretty gray embroidered shade is also a Walmart find for under $10. 

I used Krylon satin nickel spray on the brass/green lamp. It covered beautifully! I like the warm silver tone of it. I still have quite a bit left in the can, so you'll be seeing it again!

Word for the Day:

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

May you experience abundant grace with each new day!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

What Goes with White? this some new minimalist modern art piece?

What about this? Would it work in your all-white or neutral environment?

Do you recognize it yet? You've seen it before. Here's a little hint:

Remember now? This was a little freebie trunk/crate I got last summer. It had been faux painted years ago. 

I considered painting it white, or gray, since I wanted to use it in my house. Then it came to me: Antiqued Silver! It would work with my neutral palette and bring a little of the industrial vibe I find so appealing.

So, I got several shades of metallic silver paint - all different brands. I sprayed it all - including the painted hardware. I should have probably taken it all off and stripped it, but sometimes I can be a very impatient woman.

I just jumped in and started spraying. I wanted a worn-looking finish with the various paints - even using some gold here and there.

I just kept spraying and layering until I got something that was textural, but not splotchy. (Is that a word?)

To achieve an antique finish, I got out my walnut gel stain and started applying it with an old rag. 

While it was looking more antiqued, the gel stain didn't give quite as dramatic a look as I wanted. I got some oil based black paint and thinned it with some ebony stain. It was just the ticket!

It was looking sort of vintage-industrial. Just what I was going for! 

I thought it might make an interesting little table. It was too short as it was, and desperately needed some legs! I purchased some turned feet at the home improvement store, but they seemed a little small and delicate for the trunk. My son helped me out - he cut some 2x4 legs for it. I don't know if they will stay, but for now, it's more table-like. They're attached with wood screws, so they can be easily removed if I find better furniture legs for it later. So far, the cost to revise this trunk was about $2. I had the paint and stain already. The 2x4 cost less than $3, and I used about half of it. The screws cost under $2, and I only used 8 of them. 

So now, just as I'm finishing this silver trunk, I find out silver is out and gold is back in. - especially brass.

No worry. I'm not concerned with being "in style." I know what I like. I plan to use this in my white space, incorporating a variety of metallic finishes - silver, gold, rust, bronze and copper. 

I like being surrounded by sentimental things and natural materials.  I like eclectic and cozy. I like "real" art - even if it's bought in a thrift store. I prefer simple, clean lines and solid fabrics. I prefer painted furniture to wood, though a little wood is nice. I like "trendy items" that are easily changeable - like pillows and lamps. I like things that make you wonder where they've been...

Word for the Day:

Acts 3:6

Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

May your trunk contain all the silver and gold you require, and may the things you treasure more than silver be with you always!


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