Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boho Studio on a Budget

Last week, I helped my daughter move 
from her college house to a studio
apartment over 300 miles away for
a summer internship.

The two of us loaded a 14 ft. truck, with the help
of a stranger God sent one minute after I spoke,
"I sure wish we had some help loading this stuff!"
Sometimes God sends angels on bicycles.

Hannah drove that big thing, and I followed in her car.

We unloaded without human assistance, but with
the aid of a loading dock and a big flat rolling cart 
and an elevator. It was not as hard as loading.

Here's the view from her apartment:

She wanted a bohemian style after her
all-white, metallics and turquoise theme last year.
She already had some nice things from her
former living room and dining room.

We weren't sure how to make her bedroom furniture,
a few pieces of living room furniture, and
dining room furniture work in a large studio, but
that's part of the fun - like working a puzzle.

We placed the large pieces first, then thought about
function and placed the other pieces.
We were able to create an entry way and a
bedroom "wall" with a couple of book cases,
a coffee table and some pillows.

And of course, every boho entry way needs a 
groovy gallery wall. We DO love our gallery walls.

Just beyond that wall is a large closet and a small kitchen.
I've always maintained you could live well in one big room 
if you had plenty of closet space. This proves my case!

The lack of counter space was helped 
by turning her former tv table into a combo 
counter with a turquoise cutting board, 

a storage place for cute bright dishes, and 
two lamps that turn on with the light switch by the front door.

It fit perfectly below a window in a niche.
to the right of that, is her dining table. It separates the
kitchen/dining area from the living area/bedroom.

In the move, we only had one casualty. It was not
a wineglass or a mirror or anything "breakable."
It was a red dining room table. A leg broke in half. Go figure.

So, Hannah got on craig's list, and found this great table
for only $25. Of course, it was filthy and had marker drawings
all over the top. It was nothing a little sanding and some Minwax
dark walnut stain couldn't remedy! She may paint the 
apron and legs white, but she sort of likes it natural. 

Directly across from the table are two book 
cases given to us by a friend. They were 
part of an entertainment center. They fit 
together to form a wall across from the 
entry coffee table turned bench. 

They hold more accessories and books, with some 
pretty glass bottles on top. They look nice from all sides.

On the other side of the book cases is a dresser turned tv table.
It is the same length as the two bookcases. She has dvd's 
in the top two drawers, and jammies below.
Form MUST follow function in a small space.

Beyond that you can see the sitting area, with 
corner-oriented gallery wall. Her bed is in the corner, 
and pillows are piled on two sides to simulate a sofa.

Here's my sweet business woman as she
headed out to her first day of work on Monday.

This summer, she'll look for a small settee of some sort
to fill a spot next to her balcony, and form an L-shape
with her bed-sofa. More boho pillows will be needed!

from World Market to frame her balcony doors. 
We didn't get around to hanging them.

She told me some of her fellow guy interns came with only clothing.
But, when a young woman moves to a new city, it is nice
to bring some familiar things with you. Even if it takes a 14' truck.

Word for the Day:

Proverbs 31:22
(The woman who fears the Lord)

She makes bed coverings for herself;

    her clothing is fine linen and purple.

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