Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decking the Hutch

Ordinarily, decking the halls is one of my favorite Christmas activities. This year, I got a very late start! I'm not decorating outside for the first time EVER in this house - 8 Christmases now.

I had done nothing inside either - I WANTED to have the energy to do it, because I like making things nice for my family. I just didn't. 

Last year, my son Mason said, "I'm coming to your house every Christmas - it is always decorated and you always have lots of good things around to eat!" I really liked hearing that, and I want to keep my good reputation!

Thankfully, this year will not completely ruin my reputation! I'm cooking, and I have my sweet daughter Hannah here to help with decorating. 

Hannah is a junior in college, living in a house with two other girls. She's been very focused on home decorating for a couple of years now, and I think she has lovely taste! I feel very comfortable giving her free reign in with my bins of  Christmas decor. 

Last night, as I was cooking the requested chicken and dumplings and pumpkin pie cake, Hannah dressed the white hutch. She removed a few things to make room for Christmas decor. 

I have a thing for trees, and have several miniature ones purchased at either thrift stores or for 80 percent off after Christmas at Hobby Lobby. The ones above are my latest acquisitions - purchased in October at my favorite thrift store for less than two bucks each! I love the wood trunks.

It was a pleasure to watch Hannah work! She'd occasionally ask my opinion about the placement of an object, and I'd offer my two cents worth. Near the end, as she added the strings of wooden beads to the mix, I said, "You know, sometimes leaving things a little simple is better..." and she quickly replied, "For YOU!" I laughed, and she continued, "It's Christmas! You can get away with being a little over the top at Christmas!" I agreed. 

Ah, I LOVE that girl, and her joie de vivre!

This was a new experience for me, and I kinda liked it! I loved watching my daughter have fun with decorating and adding her personal touch to a vignette. (Her roommates jokingly called her a  "trophy wife in training" recently when she made appetizers and decorated for a little party at her home.) 

I often ask her advice on fashion - just to stay current. I know what I like, and what is appropriate for a fifty-something woman to wear, but I still like to look stylish! If I trust her fashion sense and it works, why not home decorating? 

Tonight, we're doing the living room...

Word for the Day:

Proverbs 31:10

A wife of noble character who can find? 
She is worth far more than rubies. 

May we all be this kind of "trophy wife"!

Merry Christmas, sweet friends! 


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