Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shopping Place #1 - The Thriftiest Place To Shop

You probably know the place I'm talking about. It is convenient and so very close to home. The prices can't be matched. You are sure to like the merchandise.

Have you guessed the place I'm talking about? It's your garage, or maybe your storage shed. It could be your attic or any other place you or previous tenants may have stored things. 

Most of us have found something very cool on the street. All of us have purchased something very cheaply that we couldn't use at the moment because it had great potential! Maybe it needed a little paint or repair work. We tucked it away and eventually forgot we had it. 

Before you begin to feel uneasy or a little guilty for not yet getting around to that stash of yours, know that I am not here to chastise you! 

Au contraire! I am here to remind you that you can go shopping without spending a cent! You can feel the thrill of finding a treasure all over again! On the down side, you might get a little dusty. Or you might have to wipe a few spider webs off something.

But when you're ready, it is there waiting for you to paint it, repair it, reinvent it and revise it into something you'll use and enjoy. 

I have a rickety little shed in my back yard. When I purchased my home, it got a new roof along with the house. (I was happy, since I got to choose the color!)When the roofer finished, he laughingly told me, "The roof is the best thing about this shed."  

He actually thought I might like to tear it down. He had no vision. I saw a future potting shed, a rustic cottage-type structure. I looked beyond the stacks of moldering magazines that had been there for decades. The roof was leaky, so you know how yucky that was! 

Since I had plenty of inside projects and I was working in the yard as well, the shed was put on the very back burner. I took a little time here and there to clear away junk and inspect it for potential. As I did, I ran across a few interesting things. 

There is an old crate with the bottom rotted out, and this little primitive wood box. 

It is full of debris - some rusty nails I'll keep for who knows what. Shards of broken glass from stained glass projects are mixed in with the nails and leaves. 

It might be a good project to sort through carefully while watching a Jane Austen flick.

I found some old door hardware and rusty metal pieces. 

There was a milk glass florist vase. There were pieces of a child-size croquet set. I love the old wooden balls. Someone had painted these black.(!!!???)

I'll most likely paint the balls white, but I don't have any ideas for the mallet heads. Any suggestions?

Shopping Place #2 is for another post!

Word for the Day:

Proverbs 15:6
The house of the righteous contains great treasure, but the income of the wicked brings them trouble.

May your house contain and reveal treasures you forgot you had!


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Monday, February 6, 2012

More Afters and My Obsession with Lamps Continues...

Before Thanksgiving, my son said the guest room looked like a lamp grave yard. I just laughed, and imagined how much he'll appreciate a few nice lamps in his upcoming apartment. :)

Remember the little beauty above? She was pretty cute when I found her for $5.00 - I like her silhouette and I love the crackled glass texture. But the antique brass finish just made her look cheap and outdated. Since I've been doing lamps for my living room revision, I have a can of the most beautiful soft silvery finish - Krylon nickel silver. I decided this was just the ticket for this lamp. I didn't even take her apart - I just taped her off and covered the glass with a plastic bag. 

Here's the before: 

Now the after again:

It's a subtle change, but it makes all the difference in bringing this lamp up to date.

What do you think of this shade? It's another Walmart score for less than $7.00! I saw it when I bought the blue floral one, but I thought it was brown. On closer inspection, it is a lovely gray with tan and matte gray circles on it. It looks so good in my living room with the pieces I'm putting in there! I bought two, and I may go to another store and buy more.

This next lamp was not pictured in my before shots, but it was another brass lamp I had painted green for my ill-fated green living room. It's now painted in the nickel paint. It has the cutest shape!

It also looks good in this gray shade:

And I STILL have quite a bit of this paint! It covers very well - one coat and a touch-up partial coat has worked on everything I've sprayed with it.  

Both lamps and 2 shades have cost less than $25. I LOVE that!

Word for the Day:

2 Samuel 22:29
You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.

Lord, we thank you for the light! May your day and night be filled with light.


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