Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds and Random Questions for Blog Friends...

I visited my favorite little thrift store on Valentine's Day. What do you think that says about me? Never mind, I don't want to know! I like it because it's nearby, it's smallish, it's open until 8 p.m. and it's cheaper than some of the others I go to. On the down side, they don't have furniture, just small items and clothing. 

I found the 1975 FTD milk glass footed vase there for 87c. They like sevens in their prices. I like sevens, too. Seven is God's number for fullness, completion and perfection - all good things!

Though I didn't find a seven the other night, I did find a four. It was 17c.

I bought this apple sign for 87c. I'm sort of plain and simple usually, and "cute" is one of the things I like for other people's homes. But, this one has a dark gray and beige scheme going - I may paint the wooden edge some shade of white and call it good. It's about as high as my cute-o-meter will  register.

I think it will look good over a doorway in my kitchen, when I neutralize the now chartreuse walls to light gray or beige. Yes, you read correctly - it is now chartreuse with bits of red and dark blue. I've told you before that I like color. I really need two houses, but I don't want to clean all those toilets!

I also found a pretty antique silver tabletop frame for 87c. It will probably go in my living room.

And for 57c, there was one of these little oval wall frames. I see these from time to time - they're some sort of old plastic. I usually spray paint them. I like to use different shapes of frames in my gallery wall arrangements, so I get them if they're cheap.

Don't even ask what I plan to do with these, because I'm not sure myself! They're brass, and they could be used as spacers in reworked lamps or candlesticks or whatever. They probably will not be used as napkin rings, however. They were also 87c.

I also found two cute little light gray saucers for 27c.each - they're stamped "Nancy Calhoun" on the back. I Googled them and saw similar saucers for 6.99 on

I'll probably use them under little tabletop plants. I like little tiny plants in tabletop vignettes. 

I found another orphan to live in my white hutch! It's a cute little gravy boat with no mark. Can you guess how much it cost?

I got pretty excited when I saw this:

I've been checking for marks on white dishes in thrift stores. There doesn't appear to be any ironstone in Amarillo, Texas. When I saw this mark, I got kind of excited! Then, I was a bit deflated when I red the rest of the stamp...

Does Japanese Ironstone count? I bought them anyway - they were a cute shape and I got a bundle of 5 saucers and two bread plates for $1.91. I seven in that price!

If I ever find a cheap piece of American or English Ironstone, you'll be the first to know! 

When I first started blogging (today is my 6 month anniversary!), I read about white ironstone everywhere! I posted about my white hutch and got comments about my ironstone. So, I asked another blogger with whom I felt safe enough to admit my ignorance - Rosemary at Villa Barnes. She sweetly told me, without making me feel dumb, that ironstone meant there was iron in the clay used in making the dishes. 

Since I've been around for a whole 6 months now, and have made some very sweet relationships with a number of you, I feel like I can ask some very random questions and learn from your expertise. Some of them are blog-related, and others are not. I REALLY DO want to hear your responses! I am thankful that I've met you (at least virtually), and I admire your knowledge, your style, your faith, and so many other things about you! You inspire me, encourage me, and make me feel connected in ways I never expected. 

1. What do listen to when you work out? I want to work out to high energy music, but I only listen to Christian music. I'm trying to find more high-energy upbeat songs that make me want to move! Can you tell me some of your favorites? I'd like to find more things like "Here in This Moment" by Bekah Shae - 

2. I am not sure what has happened in my comments - I used to get all of them in my gmail. Now, I only get some of them to my gmail account, not all. I have to go to comments on my blog page to see all of them.

3. One more blog question - it may have happened about the same time. My mom and another friend who used to get my posts via email no longer get them. Do you know what I need to check to make sure they are still able to get them?

Thanks so much - for EVERYTHING!


Word for the Day:

2 Corinthians 7:4

I have great confidence in you; I take great pride in you. I am greatly encouraged; in all our troubles my joy knows no bounds.

Wishing you all the encouragement you need today!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Your Designs Work – Gestalt Principles in Successful Home Design

Earlier this week, I posted about basic principles of Gestalt. If you didn't catch that post, you can read about it here.

In a nutshell, Gestalt is a set of principles arrived at by a group of German psychologists in the 1920’s. They attempted to describe how humans perceive and organize visual elements into groups of "unified wholes" by using a set of principles. Gestalt is about order - it is the opposite of chaos.

We are designed to prefer order, relationship and completion.

Our brains can literally connect the dots. Gestalt is why you are able to read this blog! Without your brain’s ability to see things as a whole, you would not be able to read words, only to perceive each letter as a separate unit. SO, it goes without saying that we all use the principles of Gestalt many times every day without thinking about it.

The purpose of this post is to help you to be aware of it, so you can use it intentionally. You can save time and frustration by applying these principles to your home décor, artwork and diy projects.

You’re obviously in tune with your creative side, or you would not be reading blogs like this! You know when something is RIGHT. You also know when it is not quite right. This post will hopefully help you to know WHY, and to plan your projects and room arrangements using these principles from the beginning. You’ll save time and be happier with your results!

The following photos are all from Pinterest. They will help illustrate the principles of Gestalt: 

When objects are the same form, color, size, value (light or dark) or brightness, we often perceive them as a complete group or pattern. 

Here are some examples using similar form or shape in successful design:

Collections are excellent examples of similar form and shape!

Here are some examples of color in successful design:

White (of course!)

Saturated Bright Colors (not dull or grayed-down)

Same Color, different types of objects:

Close Value Colors (all light or all dark)

Here are some examples of size in successful design:

The image above has objects of equal size in each different quadrant. If they were all mixed together, the design would be chaotic.

Closure occurs when an object is incomplete or a space is not completely enclosed. If enough information is indicated, we perceive the whole by "filling in" the missing information.

Here is an example of Closure in successful design:

The work of art above has a variety of colors and sizes, but our eye perceives them as a vertical rectangular shape. 

Otherwise unrelated items that are within close proximity to each other will be perceived as a group. Adversely, similar items with enough distance between them will appear to be singular and not part of a whole group.

Gallery walls are EXCELLENT examples of  Proximity !

Though we can't see all of it, this design is most likely asymmetrical symmetry - balanced. (SEE - I'm using gestalt!)
You can use two dimensional mirrors and artwork as well as three dimensional items like the wall-mounted bust.

Below, the proximity is VERY asymmetrical:

See this amazing example of asymmetrical symmetry in a corner? Love it!

Symmetry means the design is exactly the same on both sides – you could fold a design in half vertically, and it would match. This design is the most “safe” design choice. It is calm, comforting and predictable. It is associated with traditional and upscale design.  
Here are some examples of achieving successful designs using

Asymmetrical Symmetry is balanced, but not the same on both sides. It is an easy look to achieve, somewhat more casual than Symmetry, and great for transitional and contemporary design.

Here are some examples of achieving successful designs using Asymmetrical Symmetry:

Asymmetry is the most difficult look in which to achieve a successful balanced design. When done well, it is very interesting! It is usually done in very artsy modern environments.

Here are some examples of achieving successful designs using Assymetry:

Elements with the same moving direction are perceived as a unit.

Here are some examples of achieving successful designs using Direction:

Our brains like patterns. They will continue visual, auditory, and kinetic patterns. The eye is compelled to move through one object and continue to another object by inserting another element to connect them. 

The gallery wall above uses Continuity and Direction. See how the center line unifies the arrangement in a uniquely successful arrangement?

Here are some examples of achieving successful designs using Continuity:

The branch in the photo below extends into the vignette of photos, connecting the areas.

See how the ledge above the desk is the same height as the center line of the window? Continuing a line in a room is another way to allow our eye to flow...

Word for the Day:

Isaiah 64:4
Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.

May you perceive Him in all things today! 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Before Photos of Thrifty Finds!

Look at this CUTE basket! I'm trying to decide whether or not to paint it...and I'm thinkin' turquoise would look great on it!

Can't you just see it? Apple green, turquoise or orange...What do you think?

I also found a cute little turquoise glass bottle. It was cheap-o, and has a cute shape. I'll look for more to make a little grouping of them somewhere.

Here's another little mirror for 87c.  I buy them whenever I find them and paint them. I love big walls of mirror collages, and mixing them in with photos. It's like another "photo" when someone looks in a mirror.

I kind of wavered a bit on this one - I can fill it with my mother of pearl buttons or something if I don't use it as a cloche. What do you think? Is this a little awkward, or might it work with a different saucer?

And last, a more functional item. This Fire King loaf pan was $1.91. I'll bet this one won't explode in the oven!

I'd really like to hear from you - that way it almost feels like we went shopping together! But we didn't have to  flip a coin to see who got the loaf pan. :)

Proverbs 11:16

16 A kindhearted woman gains respect, 
   but ruthless men gain only wealth.

May you enjoy the respect of those whom you respect! 


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