Friday, January 3, 2014


I had hoped to do it last year...maybe as part of a small group.

 It didn't happen. 

The community aspect of blogging has been an unexpected joy in my life.

I have been blessed with meaningful connections with bloggers I would never have met in my "regular" life. 

I have a sweet friend in Alabama and another in Houston. There are others with whom I share genuine concern and affection along with loyal visits to each other's blogs for inspiration. 

I had no idea this "perk" existed when I decided to begin blogging in 2011.

Another perk that occasionally hits me right between the eyes is how much a blog increases self-awareness - at least in some areas of my life.

I know what I like as well as what I want to live with - more than I did before I began blogging. 

I have a better understanding of the fact that it is very important to me to live in a home that is an extension of who I am as a person. 

I know I could never be a minimalist. I live by the "vacuum theory." 

If a space is empty, I feel an overwhelming urge to fill it. 
I must make conscious attempts to edit myself regularly. 

I know I prefer "real" natural materials to plastic, age and patina to new and shiny. (Exception: small amounts of a touch of the unexpected...for contrast. I love contrast.)

Juxtaposing old and new, modern and primitive, rough and smooth...

I get excited just thinking about it! Sometimes it doesn't work, but I still try it.

I get a thrill when I find something on my "list" of collectibles for a few pennies at a thrift store or garage sale. 

Here's the kicker: Some of the things that excite me are not precious at all. I'm not exactly sure why they excite me, but I know them when I see them. 

For example: the .10c rusty hammer head I found at a garage sale. 

I love vintage books, pearl buttons, keys... 

wire containers, boxes, mirrors, picture frames...

vintage books, orbs, candlesticks...

rusty things, tarnished silver and sliver plate things...

chippy white things, white ironstone and china...

door knobs, door plates, iron hardware...


letters and numbers of all kinds...


Sometimes I sell things on Etsy. 

Sometimes I immediately add them to my environment.

Sometimes, they need a little work or re-visioning.

Sometimes I put them away for a future use. This can get me and my garage in trouble...

As I finish updating a room, or even tweaking a room for a new season, I often take a visual inventory of the items I include. 

I estimate that over 80 percent of my belongings are items that belonged to someone else before they came to live with me. 

That does not bother me - I even prefer it for decorative things. I sometimes imagine how something got it's dings and dents, but real life is probably even more interesting - if only I could know it. 

It's a mystery-history; provenance unknown. 

Consider the sterling golf trophy from 1931...the midst of the "Great Depression." It was most likely owned by someone of considerable wealth and affluence - awarded at a tournament where a famous golfer may have played. I will probably never know, but I enjoy thinking about it. 

If you share a similar love for items with a mystery-history, items with a patina that only comes after years of experience, items that excite your senses and your sensibilities, I invite you to join me. 

I am working on a link party - THRIFTY LIFE THURSDAY

Come share your previously owned, flea market/thrift store/garage sale treasure or curbside freebie. 

You may share it as-is, or as you have added your creativity to it. The main requirement is that something be previously owned. 

I look forward to this new endeavor with you, as well as the new friends waiting to be encountered!

If all goes as I hope, I'll begin the party on Wednesday evening at 9 p.m., Central Standard Time.

Word for the Day:
May he grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your plans!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


My 2013 List:

Living More Intentionally! - all in all, this was pretty successful.

Seven things I intended to do to revise my life in 2013:

1.       Get up 30 min. earlier  
          begin my day with quiet time for prayer & reading the Bible.
FAIL. I will only do this if I have a good reason. I am more likely to stay up 30 min. later.

2.       Follow Alkaline, Low Carb, Healthy Eating Plan 
                  Eat this way at least 5 days per week
SUCCESS - All in all - this went pretty well. I need to cut my sugar intake more, but smaller portions and low carb is working for me. 

3.       Be Active 5 Days per Week - 
          At 30 minutes activity per day: Gym, Walk Outside, Yoga Videos, Exercise bike
FAIL - with a disclaimer. I have a knee injury that has put a kink in my exercise. Still, I could do more than I have. It's just SO BORING.

4.       Resume Volunteering for Hospice
SUCCESS, but with unexpected results. I resumed volunteering with a new hospice provider. It was totally different than the way the former place worked. I was basically called spur of the moment to sit in a care facility with people who were either sleeping or agitated to the point of injuring themselves. I much prefer being assigned to a person, getting to know them, working a schedule for visits during my free-time. I was asked to resume Stephen Ministry, so I opted to do that in 2014 instead of Hospice.

5.       Increase Income
a.      Create & market jewelry line
b.      Continue Garage Sales - to park in the garage 
c.      Increase Etsy Activity
LIMITED SUCCESS IN ALL - but there is still much room for improvement.

6.       Improve photography skills
a.      Create an indoor space
b.      Schedule daylight time
c.      Study and improve creativity

NOT SO MUCH - with a disclaimer. a. is a work in progress. b. was somewhat successful. c. worked well, until I lost the camera I had studied about, knew and loved. Of course, the same model was not available anymore - unless I wanted to pay twice what I originally paid for it. My new camera is not as good. 

7.       Mini Makeovers to update house:
a.       Kitchen – paint & new accessories
b.      Guest Room – paint, paint furniture, etc.
c.       Main bath – paint, new linens, etc.
d.       Recover Sofa

FINALLY - SUCCESS! - Kitchen was painted, though I am probably going to repaint it. Guest room was painted, and all I need to finish is to paint the chest of drawers and tweak the curtain. Main bath was painted and I bought some new white towels and wash cloths. I must say - I am not a fan. Even though I bleach them, they do not look clean enough. I wonder if our hard water has anything to do with it? Sofa was painted, which is fine for now. 

For my blog, I've also got some ideas I'd like to put out there:
  • I'd love to co-host a weekend link party. (Any takers?) NOT A PEEP. 
  • I'm planning to do a series - seven things to do with... I did 3 in 2013, and plan to do more in 2014.
  • I'd like to begin advertising this year...intentionally and thoughtfully and appropriately. Still cogitating on this one. It is a last priority.

Word for the Day:
Proverbs 16:9
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten Posts of 2013


The Best Thing I EVER Found in a Thrift Store...

This one really got my heartbeat up. Cardio-Thrifting. 
Now there's an exercise plan I might actually stick with!

This vintage trophy-turned-lamp was waiting for me in one of my favorite little stores for under $5. I took it home and disassembled it to find the sterling stamp. I also had a very well-informed commenter who graciously shed some light on this find. Though it still remains a mystery, Robin suggested that in 1931, only very affluent people could join a country club and participate in a golf tournament. It may even have been associated with a famous professional! I have no idea of the location of the tournament, the club or the person who was awarded this trophy, but I love the very idea of it. 


Befores and Afters: 7 FURNITURE PIECES

Yes we do. We all love a good before and after! This reminds me...I need to get busy and do some more "afters." I have been a tad complacent lately.


CeCe Caldwell and Annie Sloan: How do they compare?

Face it. Inquiring minds want to know...especially before plunking down a chunk of change. This post is for people like me, who prefer to purchase mis-tint sample pots for .50c to pricey "designer" paints that are available these days. If I'm going to spend hard-earned cash on a product, it better be worth it!


Seven Things to Do With a Rusty Rake

I had planned to do a whole series of "seven things" this year. Apparently, a series means three
( the same rules apply to collections? I think I heard something like that.) 

This rusty rake post was the favorite of the three posts. Sorry, I really dropped that ball...but I do plan to pick it up again in 2014.


Industrial/Elegant/Cottage Living Room Plans

I am still enjoying mixing vintage industrial and elegant elements into my living room. Though some seasons (like Christmas) I take much of the industrial stuff away, it always comes back. 

I DO adore combining opposite sorts of things in the same room. That sort of juxtaposition excites something deep within my soul.


$1.50 Sofa Makeover

This is hands-down my favorite project of 2013. It made the biggest impact in my living room since painting the walls last year. 

My $60 1980's mauve and blue plaid thrift store find went from being a somewhat dirty dog bed to something sorta pretty. It all happened in an evening, and for only $1.50 in mis-tint paints. LOVE IT!


DIY Mercury Glass - Lamp Reveal!

This post was part tutorial, part surprise and I still love it! 
I'm still a big fan of this Looking Glass paint, and mercury glass in general - faux and otherwise. I'm still "playing around" with it, so you'll most likely see more posts in the future.


Yep, Another Faux Mercury Glass Post...

In all honesty, I am slightly ticked that this is my #3 post of all time. Seriously. 

If I had only KNOWN it would turn out to be 3rd place, I would have taken a little more care with the NAME, the PHOTOS, well...EVERYTHING. Now, I feel trapped. 

This was my first experiment with Krylon Looking Glass paint. I had seen other posts, and there was some pretty good information out there, so my post just elaborated on them via my personal experience. I filled in the blanks. The info is pretty good, but everything else makes me cringe. 


ANSWERS to Your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Questions...

This post was in response to my #1 most visited post of all time below. I got plenty of questions and comments on the post, and attempted to share the information.

I NEVER imagined when I made this post that it would be the most visited post my blog. I simply had questions and I figured others might be asking them as well. 

So far, over ten thousand people have visited this post. It just goes to show - we are not alone in our interests! That is one of my favorite aspects of blogging.

Word for the Day:
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men...

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