Thursday, May 31, 2012

Frugally Mine

If I go for more than a couple of weeks without a 
visit to a thrift store, I get antsy. I imagine all the 
great finds I'm missing out on for really cheap prices!

Like this gallon jug. It might make a lamp. 
I know, I know...I don't need another lamp!
I've admitted my addiction to you already.

But it COULD be a lamp. Or even used
for it's originally intended function. A jug. 
It was a buck at a garage sale.

Let me know if you have any brill ideas.
The same garage sale had this for a buck, too.

Sometimes I have tiny things, and I think it could be
a good way to keep the "clutter" look of too many
tiny things under control. I'm not sure where I'll use it yet,
but for a buck, I NEEDED it. And it was on the way
to my aunt's house, just waiting for me...

I'll probably paint it. And distress it. 
The same goes for this little square mirror.
I have another problem with little mirrors.
It was 1.91, a bit much for it, but I liked the
lines on it and I'll use it in my "modern 
primitive" bedroom as part of a mirror
collage above my dresser. I've pulled some
of the more traditional ones from there
to use in my guest room.

At the same thrift store, I found this great domed cake plate.

The price for this pretty piece makes up for the overpriced mirror.
I also found a couple more of the vintage glass decanters
for $1.91 each. Now I have four. 

At yet another thrift store, I found these clear plastic casters.

4 for $1.25, which seems like a good deal until you see this...

I suppose they didn't sell for .25c at a garage sale, and went
to the thrift store. Oh, well. It supports a women's shelter, so it's fine.

I also picked up this new zinc bucket for a buck. 

And this light fixture for my front porch.
I bought one when I moved in 9 years ago, 
and it's cute, but you have to unscrew two different
pieces to replace the stinkin' light bulb! 
I hate that. I just want to screw one in, you know?

My current one is bronze, which I like, but 
this one will work with my new white and taupe 
scheme. And no more unscrewing anything!

Pretty sweet for 2 bucks.

I found this little business card file box a while back.
It was cheap, but I don't remember how much.

Last but certainly not least is this little folding chair.
I bought it for $10 over 25 years ago. 

I've used it as a desk chair, a lawn chair, an 
extra guest dining chair and the list goes on.

I like the lines on it. and I've always liked the wood, 
until now. I'm considering painting it.

Or maybe staining it.

It folds up so nicely and very easily.

It's made by Snyder Chair in the USA (Chicago.) It was made in the 1930s.

I googled it and found an interesting web site 
called Urban Remains that is selling a set of 3 for $395.

A little farther down, I found one on etsy for $18. 
It's not an expensive piece, actually it's functional and humble. 
But still I'm not sure if I should paint it.
What do you think?

I searched for "chair" and "seat" and
most of the verses that I saw were writing about
the mercy seat or thrones. I suppose there weren't chairs for
regular people back then. Maybe they sat on the floor. 

Even though it is not TOTALLY applicable 
to my post, I really liked this one...

Word for the Day:

Revelation 21:5
And he who was seated on the throne said, 
“Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, 
“Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

And I believe they are.

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Color Theory - Chromatic Grays

Chromatic grays. What are they? 

Chromatic grays are the perfect way to use bold color 
without having it look garish.

For example, the mustard chair above from Anthropologie.
It may look great in lemon yellow, but  it just might begin to irritate you after a while.

Chromatic: adj. - Pertaining to color.
Gray: adj. - of a color between black and white; having a neutral hue.

Literally, it is a grayed-down color.

Handmade Dinnerware- Beach Cottage 3 pc set

But grayed-down does NOT mean dull or boring!
Take a look at the lovely ceramic serving pieces above...
and the art below!

Chromatic grays can be bold, deep, dramatic and rich...

or they can be pale and ethereal, like this painting...

or this antique door...


Geschlossen II
by Adrian Diaz

They can also be a mix of darks and lights like this beautiful painting...

They can either be modern...

or they can be traditional.

How do you pick a pleasing palette of chromatic grays?

It is not difficult. There is a foolproof method:
  • Find a fabric sample or item that you love.
  • Take it to a paint store or anywhere you find swatches.
  • Choose a variety of paint swatches in your colors.
  • Start matching. Is it too bright? To dark or light? Take away colors that don't match.
Sometimes you may surprised at how gray a color actually can be! Most colors are chromatic grays. There are relatively few truly saturated colors.

Why do we like chromatic grays?

It's not just because they are "tastefully restrained."
There is a scientific and physiological reason: 
Chromatic grays are easy on the eyes. Literally.

Bright, saturated (not grayed at all) colors are almost jarring to behold. They're exciting for short periods of time!

But, our eyes/brains need to "rest" from them; to compensate for them by optically creating a complementary color.

Try this: 
Stare at a bright orange or yellow object for a few minutes.
Now, look at a white wall. What do you see? 
Most likely, a blue or purple image - a complementary color. It is your brain's way of mellowing out the intense color.

Many of us are in a current love affair with all white, gray or taupe monochromatic rooms. They are serene, but some times you just need a pop of COLOR!

Chromatic grays are the safest way to use bold color.

Close value chromatic grays are practically foolproof!
(Close value just means colors are the same degree of light or dark; for example, pastels, dark jewel tones, medium tones, etc.)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Word for the Day:
“You shall make a screen for the entrance of the tent, of blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen, embroidered with needlework.