Saturday, January 26, 2013

Etsy Tips & Tutorial for New Users

Today, I want to share some things I learned very recently. 
If you've recently opened an Etsy shop, or if you're thinking about it, I hope you'll use these tools much earlier than I did!

I was just poking around a bit and noticed a couple of things on Etsy that helped me to improve the appearance of my pages.

Aside from taking more time with my photos and "styling" a bit more intentionally, I was able to make my Etsy pages more "me" by doing two simple things.

Thing #1:
Add a banner. I simply used the same photo I use in my blog header. While that may change later, for now, it works well and unites my Etsy pages and my blog another way.

How to add a banner or header:
  • Click on Your Shop  - located on the top right side of your page. A window will open like the one below:

  • Click on "Info & Appearance" and the above page will open. 
  • There are several options to personalize your shop.
  • The third option down is "Shop Banner Image."
  • Browse for your photo of choice - horizontal format. It takes a minute, literally!
Thing #2:
Rearrange your shop. I have SO wished I could do this. I like to put like things together, so I was able to do this and make my shop feel much more cohesive - at least to my eye!

My page one things are all white, neutral, metal, textural - "Revisionary Style."

My page 2 things are vintage funky, bright, eclectic, kitch - things I love but don't have in my home at the moment.

How to rearrange your shop:
  • Look at the bottom of the left column - below the contact button. Below Actions, Tweet and Facebook. 

  • Find "Your Shop." Click on "Rearrange Your Shop."

  • Simply click on a listing and drag it wherever you prefer it to be. 
  • Once you have things like you want, remember to SAVE CHANGES. 
Word for the Day:
Proverbs 9:9
Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.

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