Thursday, April 24, 2014

Funky Poodle, Thrifty Life Thursday #15 and Features from Last Week!

She caught my eye. I imagined her in a fabulous extreme poodle makeover of glossy white or pale pink spray paint...
But still, she sits in an unpainted basket, waiting patiently for me to get back in my "groove."

She might be from the island of misfit poodles or honey crates or wooden platters or embroidered pillow any event, she's keeping company with all my projects in waiting. Staring me down...mocking me.

I have been absentee from blogging. AWOL.

Meanwhile, I find comfort in looking through other people's posts about their cool thrift store finds, finished projects and clever exploits. 

It's not that I've been sitting on my duff watching a season of Bomb Girls Netflix, but that DOES sound good...(OK, I ONLY watched a few episodes while working at Hannah's house.) And we DID work...but by the time we finished anything worth showing, it was raining, and too dark to photograph. Hannah promises she'll send me photos soon...

Not everyone has been an absentee blogger, though! Check out these amazing blogs from last week's Thrifty Life Thursday:

Penny from Penny's Vintage Home found the perfect Victorian settee and painted it! It looks like it has lived in her feminine environment all along. 

Susan from Must Love Junk rearranged, tweaked and made the perfect spot for a new chair she recently found. Even her kitty loves it.

Ann Marie from Musings of a Vintage Junky not only found a ton of cool things herself, but she cleverly enlisted the help of a friend to "pick" for her! I need to copy that one. :)
Love the cool mustache cup!

Now then...garage sales have begun, spring cleaning is in full-force, and I KNOW 
you must have found a few treasures this week to keep or sell or send your friend Revi...


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