Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is Worth $40+ Per Quart

For anyone who has wondered, but is afraid to ask...
Like me, you may have been reading about the virtues of ASCP for the better part of a year now, and you're still
wondering if a zillion bloggers are right, or if they just want
to fit in with the crowd. This post is for you!

First, let me reassure you that as of the date of this post,
I have had ZERO communications with anyone from
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and am not being compensated
in any way, form or fashion. I bought my quart of
Old White with my own hard-earned disposable income.
I bought it in-store, so shipping was not a factor
in the cost of my paint. (I'm sure it was included
in the store's cost. Your price may vary.)

Here are 7 reasons Why I think ASCP is worth the money:

Part of the allure was that it supposedly sticks to ANY type
of surface - oil, latex, varnish, raw wood, etc.
without priming, sanding or prep.

You don't HAVE to know what kind of finish is on that piece you picked up for a few bucks at the thrift store.
I have one of those. Actually, I have a lot of those.
One is painted in latex over oil. If you've ever encountered latex over oil, it's a problem. I wanted to see
if I could get by without stripping it.
Stripping paint is not my favorite thing.
Since I wanted it painted anyway, ASCP was worth a try.

My first project proved that it doesn't
work that well on latex over oil.

Still, after removing the mess of bubble gum-like
latex on top of oil paint from the top of my little table,
the rest of the project went off without a hitch.
And ASCP stuck very well to the oil.

It goes on fairly thick and is not entirely smooth,
but it sands very easily and will be as smooth as
you need it to be with just a little sanding.
One coat plus a little touch up here and there
is all my pieces have needed.

In my experience, it dries much faster than latex.
By the time I finished painting a piece, it was ready for
a little touch up. When I finished that, it was ready to sand.

Like Butter. You don't have to make your arm fall off
to get a great look. Sand a little too much? Just apply
a little more paint, and repeat the process.

I like the matte look. I love the old, paint that is
"almost worn off" type of look. It's great for that.
(If you want a slick, shiny, modern-looking finish,
ASCP is probably not the best paint for you.)
It's easy to dry brush and highlight details with ASCP.

When I say this, I mean it.
Time saved = priceless gain (hard to quantify) 
(More ME time, time to do more painting,
time to nap, whatever you want it to be!)

Here are some photos of
everything I have painted so far with
my quart of Old White:

 4 boxes...

a table...

another table...

a bowl...
a planter...

an angel shelf...

a wall plaque - 11 x 14

a mat and frame - 5x7...

dry brushing on a larger frame...

And I still have this much left in my quart:

All the items above only used a little
more than an inch of paint. And I still have
almost 4 inches of paint left. 

That could be 10 side tables,
5 bowls, 5 small frames and mats, 5 planters,
20 small boxes,5 angel shelves, 5 wall plaques,
and some dry brush highlighting.

And countless hours of sanding, priming,
stripping and other not-so-fun activities.

Take it from me, someone who purchases
oops paint at every opportunity, shops thrift stores
weekly, buys store brands, and generally
is a very frugal person to do the things I want...

I'll definitely plop down another $42.16
for a can of ASCP Linen in the near future.

Who knows how much more I can paint!?!
For someone intent on painting her whole house
in shades of white, it's a bargain.

Word for the Day:

Daniel 12:10

Many shall purify themselves and make
themselves white and be refined,
but the wicked shall act wickedly.
And none of the wicked shall understand,
but those who are wise shall understand.

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