Monday, February 18, 2013

Looking Forward, Goals & Accomplishments

I LOVE winter.

That being said, I suppose I'm getting ready for spring. 
NOT SUMMER, mind you. Cool, rainy, new, hopeful spring.

Summer in Texas is getting almost unbearable for me.
This week, I took away all the pine cones that went out after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. I began to think about what I might do on my mantel...and I had a few thoughts.

I'm challenging myself to freshen things up. I want to use all new items - things I've never used on my mantel before. 

I'm sort of excited about it! The large planter above is one of the things I'll probably use. It was a $3.50 thrift store find. The moss inside is dusty and it needs to be replaced. I'm wondering what might be used inside it...

I haven't used milk glass on my mantel before, and I DO have new maybe it would work. 

I haven't used this candlestick/cloche anywhere maybe...

Until this bunny sells on Etsy, he's fair game for an early spring mantel...

I may make an exception for moss balls...or not.

Maybe a new approach to candles or candlesticks is in order...

This mantel redo is going on my TO DO list for this week, though! 
My week is lining up to be a very busy one.

Last Week's Goals:

1. Stay diligent with my diet and lose 5 more lbs at least. 

Done. This week went well. I was down 11 lbs on Friday morning! Friday night was difficult. I cheated by eating more of the allowed foods. I was up 2 lbs on Saturday, and was good all day - in spite of birthday cake and other temptations. Down .2 on Monday. GRRRR. 

2. Cook and freeze, slice raw veggies and prep lunches for work and easy dinners. Done.

3. List 10 new Etsy things. Done.

4. Make earrings for Etsy - 6 pairs. NOT DONE.

5. Work 30 minutes on housework each evening. Done Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

6. 3 blog posts and set up a Facebook page. 
Done. But it's a whole new world - so different than my personal page works!

7. Set my new toilet in the front bathroom. 
IN PROGRESS.COMPLICATIONS - of course. Old houses. Blech. I hope I don't have to call a plumber...

This Week's Goals:

1. Stay diligent and do not cheat. Lose 5 more lbs. Track all food eaten in prep for phase 2. 

2. Redo the Mantel with all NEW ITEMS! 

3. Finish two simple projects to photograph and post.

4. Attend Hospice Volunteer Orientation/Training.

5. Work 30 minutes on housework 3 evenings.

6. Research low carb recipes.

7. 3 blog posts.

Word for the Day:
Ecclesiastes 3:1
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

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Kay San Nicolas @ Gallery Fifty Eight said...

Revi........I am in suspense now on how the mantel is going to turn out.

Anne said...

I am so ready for spring or summer.I am so tired of being cold LOL! Oh yes I am freshening things up around here too!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Wow, you are going great guns on the diet. Congratulations! And I love the milk glass and the planter!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Oh goes it on not needing a plumber?
11 pounds? Wow! You have been eating right to lose that much, T!
Good for you!