Monday, July 2, 2012

ART SNOB #1 - Revised Thrift Store Art

Art snob. That's me. I prefer original artwork to prints.

But before you begin to think you didn't know me at all, 
please let me explain...

YES, I AM an art snob.
NO, my art is not priceless or even expensive.
YES, YOU can be an art snob, too!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to belittle or
insult people who love beautiful art prints. 
Your art prints certainly are more costly and dear
than any artwork in my home!

Case in point:

A sweet little watercolor found at Goodwill for a buck.

While the brown mat and wood frame were not bad 
choices for this piece, they needed attention.
The frame was a little scuffed and 
the mat looked a little faded and dingy. 

Which brings us to Rule # 1 when you're looking
for original artwork anywhere: Disregard the mat and frame.
They can be changed - updated as in this case
or switched out altogether if needed.

At first, I thought it might be interesting to wrap the mat
in a book page or I began with that in mind.

But I soon figured out that would not work. 
Firstly, my obsessive/compulsive side would 
want the text on the mat to relate to the 
watercolor in some way. Still, I tried and found
a book with a description of how paper is made.
But the proportions were off, and the text would not 
have been as visible as it should have been.

Since I recently purchased some ASCP,
I decided that would work nicely, and it did.

First, I took the art out of the frame. 

The mat and frame were both given a coat
of Old White. The frame was slightly distressed.

The glass was cleaned well on both sides,
and the frame was reassembled. 

I love how updated this little watercolor is now!

Here are some considerations for finding
your own original artwork:

*Look through thrift store frames and art.

*Consider children's artwork - it's amazing!

*Any artists in the family? Great! 

*"Copy" something you like, and make it your own.

(This is a good way to learn technique,
but you should change the work some way
by at least 20 percent. And use it only
for personal use, not for resale.)

Colors don't work? Change them.
I've "tweaked" a few things and added
or changed a wrong color. 

Have you tried to paint or draw and
didn't like the resulting work?

Paint over it - saving the parts you like
and reworking the parts you don't like.

Crop it! Find a smaller mat, and move it over the
piece until you find a composition that works.

You can do that to a thrift store find as well.

Instant modern art!

Let me know if you practice any
art-snobbery, too!

Word for the Day:

Daniel 7:28
“Here is the end of the matter. 
As for me, Daniel, my thoughts greatly alarmed me, 
and my color changed, but I kept the matter in my heart.”

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8)(8 said...

Good find.

I'm not a snob about it, but I prefer paintings because of the way the paint looks on the canvas. I like folk art as well and images painted on wood. And since my daughter is a young artist, we hang her art as well.

Anne said...

I love finding artwork at thrift shops.I just bought three recently.I am putting them in my booth to sell.But if I don't they will have a place here.Love your transformation.It really softened it up.

Maria Kitching said...

Seen this on diy home sweet home, very nice. crafty chic

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love it. I have a little framed piece that was a gift for my birthday a couple of years ago. I like is a print, and a bit quirky. But I've got something in mind to switch it up a bit!

We do that don't we...find something and make it our own? I don't think the 'gifter' would mind as it was a yard sale find!

take care, Pat

very merry vintage style said...

I love this idea. Thanks for linking up to STL Wednesday!

Marsha said...

I like what you did to your thrifty find.