Saturday, July 6, 2013

One Reason I've Been Away for a Week...

I know you've heard this before, but while I've been away, I have MISSED YOU! I did take a bit of time to peruse your blogs here and there...

I tried to keep up with email...

But this week, we have had several things going on!
Last Saturday, Hannah, Mason and I went into the abyss.
We pulled everything out of the garage and sorted it.
And we put the stuff I was keeping in the very back.

Have I told you before about my quirky garage? I can't remember. You see, in 1945, my house was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage home with a living room and dining room.

At some point, a large bedroom and 3/4 bath were added, as well as a large den and a utility room. Probably at the same time, a second garage was added - in front of the old one. SO, I have a two-car DEEP garage. The back one has always been filled with my junk - furniture I'm not using but want to keep, art supplies, tools, paint supplies, etc. 

You can see the front garage in this photo, just a bit.
Now, my windows are painted gray, too.

Anyway, today was the day to see what of our junk would be attractive to other people at a garage sale.

We use old hollow core doors on top of the boxes the junk was in to put the stuff out. It works really well. A friend gave them to me years ago, and I love them for garage sales!

So, we had 3 doors of junk out, some furniture, old kids toys, a nice rug, more junk, furniture I never got around to fixing know the kind of stuff. All the things you've been given by people who don't know you, or you've won them at white elephant parties, or you bought them at garage sales and now you don't want them anymore.


Have you ever seen a chair with a drawer in it? I bought it years ago, and my daughter used it in her room. We opened the drawer and there were notes and old chocolate Easter eggs in side. Yuck.

Mason and I made this queen size picket head board from old fencing. I used it for a while, then stuck it in the garage.

Both of these chairs have problems, but the cane from one could be switched with the other, and you'd have a great single chair. Someone should do it, but not me. I have two more, which will be painted and used in my art room/office!

Yes...that's another development since last week. Mason and Ky moved on Wednesday! He's supposed to come pick up another load of his stuff this weekend. When Hannah goes to move out of her apartment, she'll take another load. 

Meanwhile, I'm planning to relocate my bedroom to Mason's old room. It is a bit smaller, but I don't mind. My large bedroom will become an art room/office! 

The twin bed in there will go into the guest room for now if Hannah takes the iron bed that has been there. If not, I may make it a "sofa" type thing in my art room!

This was going to be turned into an ottoman - with thick foam over a plywood base. Oh, well. The woman who bought it wanted to do the same thing!

I bought some white paint last night...and am itching to paint the walls! They'll be another custom off-white mix of oops paints.

I have lots of projects planned - furniture painting, headboard constructing, and such. And once I get that one done, I'll start working in my art room and the guest room - both at the same time. My goal is to have everything painted and in place by Thanksgiving. BONUS - I want to actually use the front garage as a garage again!

This week, we'll be going through more things in the house, and deciding what other furniture pieces can go out to the sale. Craig's List is another option here - we sold a couple of things from listing them there today. Around here, you only find ratty old 80s sofas that were ugly to begin with - and they want $250 for them! So our junk looked good. :)

Garage sales are a lot of work, but not altogether un-enjoyable. I met a new neighbor today! I love that.

Word for the Day:
Psalm 104:23
Man goes out to his work and to his labor until the evening.


Donna Wilkes said...

I think I might recognize a few of those items! I have been sorting through my stash and heaving them out the door. To the booth or to a thrift as long as new spaces appear as if by magic around the house. I am afraid I probably would have bought the chair with the drawer - too cool!

Laura said...

Oh my...
If I had a two car deep garage, I would get into even more trouble!

I just took a blogging break too.
It is so hot in South Texas.

White Spray Paint

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

"SO Our junk looked good." make me chuckle QUITE OUT LOUD!
You know what they say, if we all put our problems into a hat, we'd hope to choose our back out of the hat!
Garage Sales are hard work... selling an extra garage is never easy. :)

have fun, can't wait to see all the hard work of paint and all.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I'm in NE Texas and I know what you mean about stuff on Craig's list. It's too high priced and too junky. What gives? Other states seem to have great stuff at good prices.

Angie Chavez said...

I need to have a yard sale in the worst way, but just can't get motivated and our garage is such a dump right now, it would take me weeks to sort through it all. I love that chair with the drawer! I've never seen one like it.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Looks like lots of accomplishment to me! So many changes going on there too. How fun to have the garage back as a garage, and a new art room! woohoo!

Trisha said...

Hope you did great with your yard sale, and hope you get all your projects finished before winter. That would be so nice. Have a Blessed day, Trisha

must love junk said...

It sounds like you've been industrious! I would LOVE to have an extra garage, but it would be dangerous (I hoard enough as it is!:)

chateau chic said...

I hope you were able to get rid of a lot of stuff at your garage sale. I agree, they can be fun because you can sometimes catch up with neighbors you haven't seen in awhile.
Mary Alice

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Are you rich??? Hope it was a success. I need to do the same...but we aren't allowed in our 'hood.

lynn said...

i love having garage sales:) you are going to be busy--love that you'll have a creative space to play in! did i ever tell you that i love the greenery over your door? happy weekend,revi!