Saturday, November 24, 2012

Before Photos, Plans & Accountability - Dining Room

Thanksgiving has come and gone.
And 5 of us enjoyed a lovely dinner... 
all be it in a yellow dining room
instead of a greige one.

Does a brined turkey taste yummier in a greige room?
The food tasted just as delicious, I have no doubt.
But still, I wish I'd gotten that paint on the walls...

...and had painted the golden oak chairs.
Every few years, it's good to change things up!
And we've loved this color for 9 years - 
through a few different color schemes.
It was a lovely, warm background. 
(It looks less yellow in person.)

This year has been busy. But then again, they all are.
I didn't do very much in the way of decor.
but those were outside. Inside, I had a fall mantel...

On Thanksgiving day, I slapped 
a little white vignette at the end
of the 8 feet long table and called it good.
Then I forgot to even light the candles!

I cleared my former drink station so it could
serve as a dessert station instead. 
Last year, my dessert station was 
located in the living room. That has changed.

It sufficed, since we just had 3 pies and a cake. 
But NOT with style. I almost didn't show you.
But, there's a plan for improvement.

(Did you notice the missing baseboard?)
It is time to address that after 9 years.
I think there were corner hutches here
at one time. The owners removed them
before the house went on the market. 

So tomorrow afternoon, I plan to begin the
painting I had hoped to finish before Thanksgiving,
and "gitter-done" by Christmas. 

I also plan to either perfect or purchase shades
for the lamps that went shadeless during the meal.
My hardware wire ones are still flawed after several 
attempts to get a good industrial chic shade.

When I told my daughter my plans, she said,
"This is sort of sad." My feelings exactly, as I painted
the living room from the cheery beigy-yellow color
to greige. She also misses the red front door.

She called my half finished pumpkins,
painted with ASCP French Linen "morbid."

I tried to explain to her how I was going to wash 
them in aqua glaze to emulate those cute
little blue-gray-green pumpkins. 

But somehow a half-baked project just didn't
do anything for her Thanksgiving cheer.
Maybe I'll finish them. If they don't work, they'll be white.
And I'll use them next year! Woo Hoo! I'll be ahead...

If money were no object, (but it is)
I would install matching floor to ceiling bookcases
on either side of the entrance to the den,
replacing these makeshift shelves.

They're L shaped shelf brackets, with a board on top.
I stapled a dust ruffle I found on sale to the bottoms
of the boards to cover the brackets. 

I've collected straw picnick baskets for years.
They sit below, and occasionally they get used.

I'd also like to replace the hutch with 
a piece that could double as a buffet. 
When the dressing ended up on the opposite 
end of the table as I did, and I didn't realize until
 I was too full to get any, the buffet became
even more desirable. I may build one. 
I can use the hutch somewhere else.

OK, blog friends. 
Part of the reason I DO this blog thing
is for accountability.  So I'm
counting on you to help me stay on
task to paint my dining room
before Christmas! 

And...Thank You. In advance. 

Word for the Day:

Without counsel plans fail, 

but with many advisers they succeed.

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Sonnie said...

Revi - you have a very, very lovely home and I would LOVE to have a dining room, let alone the huge one you have - it's a beautiful room, love the hutch and the long table; how great to have for family gatherings! I can't wait to see it painted and decorated for Christmas.
Take care!

lynn said...

bookcases would look lovely, but, i just love those skirted shelves, revi! so cute!

~ Liz ~ said...

Yeah, I was enjoying those skirted shelves too. But I have a feeling whatever they become next will be adorable. How's that painting coming along? The yellow looked warm and inviting to me. Can't wait to see what's to come. Now get moving! (that's my accountability whip cracking!)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh! that's the reason you 'do the blog thing'... I thought it was because you were showing us your 'Mad Greige Decorating Skilz' !!! your daughter doesn't get greige. That's ok. I for the hutch.
Can't wait to see the room painted. I bet the chairs will take on a less yellow color against greige. You may be able to live with them a while longer.
As to the shelves and curtains... take 'em down! I think once they're out of their...(you have to take them down to paint anyway right?) Your wheels will start turning and you'll think of the perfect thing to go there.
I for one-- think a huge stack of suitcases or something very cool. Not your average bookshelf.
You'll pull off something spectacular, I'm sure!

No pressure though. This is coming from the woman that DID NOT GET THE WONDER ROOM FINISHED!
So now... I need to go work in there. LOL... accountability. right?

--blessings, now get to work. Pat

Chenille Cottage said...

What a delightful post!
Your dining room is so warm and welcoming. I love the ruffled skirts you have added to your shelving...So charming!
Just look at all those cheery bright red chairs. I can only imagine all the wonderful conversations you have enjoyed around that big table.
Thank you for your genuine expressions of faith on your blog.

Jann Olson said...

Oh Revi, not trying to discourage you, but big jobs like that are hard (at least for me) to get done before Christmas. I say, enjoy and get er done after. I think your room is lovely. I really like the hutch and how fab is an 8 ft. table? I am having all my doors and baseboards painted white. Will have to hold off till March. Usually I do my own painting. But we have lots of doors. I have a painter that is reasonable and will spray all the doors. He's in Hawaii till March. Guess I'll have to put up with tan ones for a few more months. They were tan when we bought the home. Didn't love them but decided to live with them for a while. After 3 years, this gal need her white! I've been rambling. lol! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.