Monday, October 22, 2012

Neutral Fall Mantel - Take 3!

Any minute now, I may actually finish my fall mantel.
I promise. I think it's complete - finally.

I wanted to add some "life" to it - with green stuff.
So, that ended up coming in the form of moss balls.

I made two of them myself - with foam balls
from Dollar Tree, and chartreuse reindeer moss 
from Hobby Lobby. I attached it with hot glue.

They were a bit unruly until I tamed them a bit 
by wrapping wire around them.

The wire is actually used for jewelry.

This little project was really easy.
I stuck my little moss balls on top of two
shabby white wood candlesticks and called it good.

I also added a couple of wasp nests into the mix.
They just amaze me - they are a form of paper!
These are years old, and still very strong.

I can't promise I won't tweak again...
but since this mantel is fairly full with
some of my favorite fall elements, 
I don't expect many changes to happen here.

Here's the first mantel:

The second mantel:

And the third mantel again:

You know what they say...
the third time is a charm.

Word for the Day:
1 Corinthians 15:4...that he was buried, 
that he was raised on the third day 
according to the Scriptures,...

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

You've gone Mantle Mad!
I love the last one. I like the little moss topiary/candlestick!


...thanks for the encouragement over here! Still moving at a 'turtle' setting. Waiting on a wild hare!


Anne said...

I love them all but I will say yes the third time is a charm! LOVE all the touches!

The Pink Geranium and Jan's Place said...

I love what you did, and I am the same way, constantly tweaking much fun, and it never gets old!

I started a new Blog called The Pink Geranium, and would love for you to come visit, comment and please follow, I am feeling alone :)

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

that i such a neat idea. Love the wasp nest...but not the wasps :)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Mantle mad- I love it! We all know that the tweaking never ends. What would be the fun in that? ;)

Marti Cooper said...

I love this, this is very creative! I have a SHOW-case Craft Showcase going on this weekend if you would like to be a part of! :)

Tammy said...

A lovely Mantle! Love the wasp's nest! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.