Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yesterday's Scores at Thrifty Stores - Chosen

Yesterday's trip to one of my favorite
thrift stores yielded a quirky collection of treasures,
including this vintage Haeger vase in lovely turquoise...

Do you ever find similar things
on the same day? I do. 
Sometimes I think they must be 
donated by the same person.

Why did I choose these things?
Certainly not for their intrinsic value.

They all have something that speaks to me.
Maybe it's their shape, color, whimsy, 
or the materials of which they're made...

To another eye, they may not be attractive.
But to my eye, they have something special.
I chose them because I like them. 
I'll like them even more after I work on them.

All items are pictured in their as-is state.
None have been cleaned or anything else, 
unless otherwise mentioned. 

I chose a small cloche for .57c

And another cloche-type thingy -
round shaped instead of domed.

I've already deconstructed them and
removed someone else's decor.
They already look better, even empty, right?

I chose to save one item...
this little bird will be great somewhere.


I chose this wooden box - the shape is interesting!

I have a thing for boxes.

Here's a DIFFERENT kind of box. 
I chose it because of the whimsy:

She'll probably go to Etsy. 

I chose this painted door panel, 
though will be redone.

I like the raised panel, and the painting is not bad...

but it is just not my style. 

I chose to adopt these orphaned letters.
I love letters - even though these
don't match my name, I wanted them.

This little iron stand caught my eye.
It was cheap. While I was photographing it...

I grabbed a nearby vintage croquet ball 
and was thrilled that it fit perfectly!

I also chose a small zinc bucket...

and an interesting painted zinc holder with hooks on it...

Even though the painting is cute...
I prefer my things plain. Still, I chose it.
So it will get slathered with a little paint stripper. 
It may end up in my bathroom or kitchen.

I chose a heavy glass apothecary jar...
even though it was lidless.

Since it was cheap, I bought it.
I've already found a lid that fits!

I chose a great three-piece container.
This lidded glass container is not old,
but I like it's shape and the mix of materials-
pewter or aluminum with glass.

I also chose this milk glass vase. I have another like it.
Now, I have a pair. i LOVE the modern shape!

Last but not least, I chose this funky lemon topiary.
It has a certain kitchy charm in it's
original vintage state, but I'm thinking paint
is in it's future. What would YOU choose to do?

Please check back to see what happens with
this odd assortment of thrifty scores!

Word for the Day:
For you are a people holy to the Lord your God, 
and the Lord has chosen you to be 
a people for his treasured possession, 
out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

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Peggy Meckling said...

You really have an eye for interesting things. I love thrifting so much. But I admit that sometimes I get overwhelmed with the choices. You did good!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I see that you have a fun filled weekend with all these finds. I haven't been out thrifting in so long! I'm trying to restrain myself. At least until I've finished digging thru the zillion of things in the sewing room and the garage.
Has it cooled down up there? Looks like it's on the way down here, but I'll believe it when i feel it!
Enjoy your weekend, T!
xxx, Tina

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi Revi -
You had another great day! Love the little cloches / domes and the apothecary jar. I guess I like old glassware. And the letters are fabulous.....are you painting them? :)

Heather said...

I love all your finds, Revi, but that turquoise planter speaks to me. Such a cheery color!