Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Twenty-Five Random Things...

When I first Read Shaunna's random list of 25 things from her stream of consciousness, I thought it was great! Then I began seeing others doing it, and I decided I would not jump on the bandwagon. After all, my life is about as boring as it could possibly be to ME, so why would anyone else want to read 25 of my thoughts?

Then, my trusty sony cyber-shot point and shoot broke. While my daughter and I were in the middle of Brick Town in Oklahoma City, I was snapping some photos of her, then my camera did something strange - it would not turn off. It was like the the on button was stuck in it's depressed mode. I had to remove the batteries to turn it off. Then it wouldn't turn back on. 

SOOO, I decided doing a 25 things post might be a good idea after all! And at the end of it, I could ask your opinions about what sort of cheap point and shoot digital camera you might suggest I buy to replace my Sony. 

Here goes my 25:

  1. I am not going to say anything like "I'm dead in the water." I will be positive. I will replace my camera and get my rear in gear and sell some stuff to make up for the expense. 
  2. Right now, some strange program is on my tv - people are wearing spongy suits and falling from strange devices onto large spongy things. I realized it was annoying me even though I was not watching. Some white noise is not white. I like my white noise of the non-annoying genre.
  3. Sometimes I don't notice something is uncomfortable or annoying for quite a long time. 
  4. It's 7:30 and I have not had dinner. I had a peanut butter sandwich on Ezekiel bread for lunch, and it has worn thin. Pizza sounds good...but I'll probably make myself an omelet when I finish this post.
  5. I admit it - I worry about stats. I don't have a clue why I do, since I have finally decided this is not the answer to increasing my income. I'm a church admin assistant. It goes without saying that my income needs to be increased. My stats went crazy high last week and I don't know why. This week they're back to normal.
  6. Today at my work/church, there was a women's luncheon - the speaker had a message about how we are all 'performers' for someone. We want to be loved for who we are. We try out different audiences, and they leave us unfulfilled. We finally learn our only audience should be our creator. A message like that's always a good reminder.
  7. We have a few new employees and I have been training one of them - I am not sure if her position is a good fit for her. I should not judge so quickly and be more full of grace. 
  8. I just went to GW and bought more stuff - good stuff, and I'll use it, but I should've probably gone camera shopping instead. 
  9. I bought another lamp. I think I'll paint it orange and do a funky drum shade for it. It will go no where in my house, but I am planning to take some of my cool stuff that I don't want in my house to a cool shop who buys local and handmade stuff. I think she'd like an orange lamp. I could easily own a lamp store and be a happy camper - if people actually bought my lamps.
  10. I met a new woman at Bible study last week, and we seem to have a lot in common. Last night I suggested we have coffee this weekend. I wonder what she thinks about blogs?
  11. If I have coffee with the nice woman, and I go to my friend Debbie's son's wedding, when will I paint more in my living room? Maybe I'll hang a couple of the light fixtures...
  12. I need to get back on a low-carb diet. I ate lots of carbs during the holidays, and some evil crave button got turned back on. Now, I am craving carbs - and eating them. Pizza...mmmmm.
  13. Now I'm rationalizing - "But I can't even remember the last time I ate pizza..." Rationalizing is bad.
  14. I need to make a list of the odds and ends I need to finish a few things I have going. I also need to make a list of which things I will try to work on this weekend. Maybe the orange lamp...
  15. It is March 1, and my son and his dog have missed yet another deadline for moving out of my house. I am at a stalemate until they go. I can't finish my living room while she is still scratching up the paint on and around the front door, and I really want the half-eaten sofa out of the house. Empty space will be better than a half-eaten sofa. I want to turn his room into my studio...
  16. Maybe when you tell me your camera ideas, you can also give me some words of wisdom for getting an almost 24 year-old to move out, while still maintaining a loving and supportive relationship. 
  17. If they move out and I get rid of all the dog hair and repaint everything, maybe I can sell my house for twice what I paid for it and move to Oklahoma City when my daughter moves there...
  18. We ate breakfast twice at Panera Bakery last weekend. CARBOLICIOUS. While we had time to eat carbs, we didn't make it to the Annie Sloan stockist - probably a good thing, since I now have to buy a decent-ish camera.
  19. What am I going to wear to the wedding on Saturday? I may have carbed my way out of my cute gray suit. Getting dressed is hard around here during March. One day, it will be 78 degrees, the next day, it will be 29 degrees and windy. Layers are good.
  20. I need to stick a couple of loads in the laundry tonight. 
  21. I wish I could've found some cute shoes in OKC. I looked at the new outlet mall there, but didn't find anything I liked. I don't wear super high heels and I don't wear platforms. I like pointy toes with low-ish kitten heels or thin heels. I need some shoes that would look spring-y and still be warm. If I could order a shoe right now, it would be a pewter, pointy toed, maybe with the toe cut out, 1.5" heel. That would look so nice with gray, blue, coral, aqua and other colors I like to wear. I'm tired of black.
  22. Doesn't anyone make cute sensible shoes anymore? Or cute clothing with sleeves? I'm tired of sleeveless - not that I actually wear it, but I find it annoying how much it limits the options available for someone like me. I like 3/4 sleeves for summer. Even most of the skinny younger women I know don't wear sleeveless things.
  23. I love winter and fall, but I am looking forward to longer daylight hours. I want to paint things outside again and take photos after work. It's hard to blog without a camera. Decent photos are CRUCIAL. Wow - I never thought about the root of that word. 
  24. My life really is boring - just as I suspected. If you're reading this, you deserve a nice carby reward. I could order a pizza! 
  25. "The Office" is now my white noise. I've heard it's really good, but I have never watched it. I just heard some guy say, "Bloggers are obese. Bloggers have halitosis." Hmmmph. And I haven't even ordered pizza yet!
OK, now I'm wondering if you actually do anything with these 25 thing things other than just post them? I can't imagine sharing this at a linky party!

So how about it? Anyone have any good advice about cameras, parenting, shoes, pizza or anything? I'm all ears. 

Word for the Day:

Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.

Blessings to you during this new month,



Clara said...

Laying here in bed with a terrible head cold reading your list of 25 things. Your life sounds fabulously normal. I've been thinking about doing the list thing. I haven't been blogging regularly because things are so topsy turvey right now. (I like that old fashioned word) You have inspired me. I had a 26 year old son living with me. God answered my prayer-big time-on that one, but he lives 5 hours away now and I miss him. :( but its better for both of us.
Sorry, too long for a comment. Thank you for sharing.

Courtney said...

That was great Revi!! You're the second one I've seen do this, it really gives a good insight into who you are.
We all have insecurities/worries and are searching for approval's nice to know we're not alone!
Can you take your camera back to be fixed? Would it be under a warranty?

outjunking said...

Alright let's take take care of the little things first. I have a Kodax easyshare point and shoot Z915, it zooms 10x's. Cost $100.00 Target bought it 1 year ago. Now when you find that pair of shoes send them my way with the toe cut out, I have one foot that requires extra room.;)
Rent and rules for the son and rent and rules for the dog. Next?

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

You are totally cracking me up. The dog hair, the boomerang kid, wondering what the lady thinks of blogs, concerned about carbs. Oh dear. I am not sure what I would post on this topic.

Susan said...

Hilarious! I think we all have similar streams of consciousness thoughts.
I do hope I'm not obese & have halitosis. Somebody better tell me if I do. :)