Thursday, June 7, 2012

Serendipity or Not?

If I haven't shared this with you before,
after this post, my secret will be out.

I'm a klutz.

But first, a little history for those of you
who may not have visited before.

I've had this primitive cabinet for several years.

Since last year, I've been on a mission
to paint my home and everything in it
some shade of white, taupe or gray. 

I'm neutralizing. home...
Next...THE WORLD! (Not really. I love color.)

after seeing similar pieces on Swedish blogs.

I liked  it. Primitive and pristine.

So, today, I was taking some of my project stuff
out of my living room, and somehow, I dropped
a little can of Minwax onyx stain, and of course
the lid came off, and stain splashed on my 
pristine cabinet. I suppose one can be pristine
only so long in this world with out divine intervention.

It is painted in Rustoleum flat white oil paint. 
I thought,"I wonder if it will wipe off?"
So I got a clean towel and tried it. No soap.

What should I do?
 Paint the place where the stain splashed?
Rub stain everywhere?

I sort of liked what I saw. The "character" stood out.
So, I thought, "Maybe I'll do this all over!"

So I brushed some on. Oh my. Lord, what have I done???

The stain was black. It did not wipe off like the spill did.
I suppose there was more pigment on the bottom, and
what splashed was on the top of the can. Oy.

Then I remembered - I have a can of turpentine. 
I'll see if that will take some of the stain off.

And it did. And I liked it. 

You can see the alligatoring from the old green paint.

So I brushed on more stain.

And kept rubbing more turpentine on. 

And I kept liking it.
So I painted the side of the thing. And then I ran out of turpentine.

So I have to run to the store to get more turpentine.
But I'll have bad light when I get back, so I'll
have to show you the finished product this weekend.
See the "character" on the right door?
Do you prefer the pristine left door,
or the stained right door?

I think the stain adds interest and character. 
Just like our "flaws" and "age" and "character"
make us more interesting and beautiful.

Word for the Day:

Song of Solomon 4:7
You are altogether beautiful, my love; 
there is no flaw in you.

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Some of my favorite treatments were happy accidents. Yes, it does add character.

Sharon said...

I guess I have lots of character then! LOL! I like it best with the stain. I like pristine white, but not on a really old weathered piece. I can't wait to see you do a room reveal!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

I love the distressed look from the stain. What a happy accident!

Sharing Shadymont said...

I think I like it with the stain! You're right about it adding character. Yep, think that looks really good!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

wouldn't this considered one of those...'happy accidents'?


lynn said...

i like the stained door--it has a great patina!

Miss Kitty said...

I like the patina very much! Keep going, girl! I saw your blog post over at "Redoux Interiors".

outjunking said...

This is exciting, you know how much I am loving this.

Wendy said...

Loving the accidental staining! And that you admitted it was an accident - you could have told us you'd done it on purpose and we would have totally believed you :) But it's nice to know our DIY blogging "heroes" make the occasional "oops" just like the rest of us.